Saturday, February 25, 2017


I have painfully come to learn that the meager land that we have, your so-called MP is telling you to use it to plant tea. Please be extra careful. Tom is a capitalist and he is now telling you to support his business.
Wherever tea grows, matoke also grows there. The market for matoke is assured all the time. Note that Matoke can be processed into flour and preserved.
Wherever tea grows, sorghum, millet or maize also can grow there. I am now aware that because of this tea craze some of you no longer have where to grow beans. We cannot eat tea leaves when famine strikes.
But Tom has a contract to supply tea seedlings to the people and he is minting millions of shillings. It is this money that he wants to use to bribe the likes of JB Twekwasomwe to play underhand tricks to block opponents like me Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba.
Our people are wise. They had started planting sugar cane. Remember, those who studied economics know that supply creates demand. At least if I am thirsty or hungry and go to a sugarcane garden, I will quench my thirst and overcome the hunger. Not even goats like tea leaves. What if there is no more market for tea, what will you people who refused to plant matoke, beans, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, etc ?do
In fact anybody who encourages our people to plant tea as opposed to other crops is no leader at all. But I told you early enough. Thomas Tayebwa is a typical capitalist. He can be defined by individualism and exploitation. Tom's other names are exploitation, individualism and selfishness. You may need to ask yourselves. Tom brags that he is super rich and that he has a string of businesses. I want to ask: How many of his business partners are from Bitereko, Kanyabwanga and Kiyanga? I have studied Tom properly since 1996 when he was expelled from Makobore and found us at Kigarama SS, I must assure you, I know the man inside out. He is incorrigible.


Neema Thomas More, my difference with Tayebwa is ideological. And like you said, do not think I knew you yesterday. I knew you back then when you were still a teenager visiting Uncle Daudi's place. I know your sisters and for your information, you are from our family in Nyandago - from the late Laurensio Katarahweire, the Archangelos, Manuel and Gervase all of whom passed away were my very good friends and family members.
So Neema Thomas More, you have no right whatsoever to tell me on my wall to find myself as if I am lost. If you want to do it, do it on your wall and we debate. As for me, I cannot block you and I hope you will not. Just like Tayebwa is your brother, I am equally your brother. Debate ideologically. Tell Tayebwa to unblock me and he joins the debate. Otherwise, I am soon giving him a killer punch.

WITH ERIC SABIITI AND JENNIFER ANGEYO AT THE HELM OF THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION LEGAL DIVISION, UGANDA NEEDS FERVENT PRAYERS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now, my brother Eric Sabiiti (whom I initially thought was a friend until he came out publicly to savage me when I declared my intentions to stand against Thomas Tayebwa) needs to come and give an explicit explanation.
I have been told that Thomas Tayebwa bribed Badru Kiggundu and his team with sh 200 million. And that it is you Eric Sabiiti who struck the deal. You remember when you called Tom in your office and he told me on your phone that if the EC nominates me he would stand down for me?
By that time I was confident that I would get nominated for I thought the EC was law-abiding. What does section 16 of the Parliamentary Elections Act say? Eric Sabiiti, it is you that I am asking. You often brag that you are a well-informed lawyer.
Tell us please, was Badru Kiggundu bribed or you misled him? Remember it is you who called me and gave me the letter from Kiggundu alleging that :(1)I had arrived late, past the nomination hours and (2) that I never had the requisite 10 signatures to support my nomination.
When I wrote back asking you to adduce evidence to support your claims, I never received a reply. For argument's sake how would the commission know that I never had the requisite nomination signatures if they never received my forms since I had arrived late? Secondly, if they received my forms (which invalidates the claim that I arrived late) and they are sure they were not filled why can't they produce copies of those forms to back up their claims?
Eric Sabiiti and Jennifer Angeyo, be informed that I now demand to be nominated. I no longer need a refund of my nomination fees.
Jennifer using the police commanded by SSP Besigye caused the deprivation of my USD 4000 by the police. This is not the first time I am deprived of my property at the Commission. In January last year, my phone was shattered by the police and I lost it. They detained me at Jinja Road Police station and later dumped me into a psychiatric hospital to subject me to pharmacological torture. Now, Eric Sabiiti, you and your boss Jennifer must answer for your sins. It seems clear to me that while at campus you were submarine students, a reason as to why you are now submarine lawyers. I call upon comrade Gimara Francis to pay attention to this gross criminality orchestrated by lawyers. I will also formally complain to the law council so that you are de-registered from the list of practicing Advocates. My brother Eric Sabiiti, with you and Jennifer Angeyo at the helm of the legal department at the Electoral Commission, Uganda needs fervent prayers.


y Nuwagaba with Atumanya Samuel and 44 others.
My brother Thomas Tayebwa (who currently sits in the 10th Parliament though illegitimately for he was not voted and neither did he stand unopposed like he claims) celebrated his 8th anniversary in marriage on Tuesday 14, February. While he received very many love and congratulatory messages, I was unable to congratulate him upon a journey of eight years well traveled with his sweetheart Anita Rukundo Tayebwa. I was there on that Valentines' day at Saint Augustine Chapel Makerere when the two said, "I do". I was there at Sheraton Hotel where we were hosted for a sumptuous meal and rounds of drinks. I witnessed the pomp, pageantry and ostentation displayed on that very day and I was really happy for my brother.
Tayebwa and I grew from two neighbouring localties of Karangara and Bitereko in Kigarama Parish, Bitereko Sub-county. But we both came from Kamabare. I grew up in Kamabare of Kigarama, Bitereko and he grew up across in Kamabare of Karangara, Karimbiro, Bitereko. The name Kamabare is derived from Kamabare River/stream.
Tayebwa and I used to fetch water from the same point at Kamabare. Tayebwa's family, the Daniel Tiruhongyerwa family and my family, the Fabiano Bifabusha family were like one extended family together with the Gabagaya family.
Our home was the most easily accessible with adequate facilities. Accordingly, it was the most used home by all of these families. Tayebwa's uncle who is also my uncle Deogratias Kamugisha was a businessman, a serious one at that. Uncle Kamugisha used our house, Mukaka Susanna's house to load and offload his sacks of maize and jerrycans of Waragi.
At my other (paternal) home in Nyandago Kanyabwanga, we are from the same extended family with the Tayebwa's. Tayebwa and I are ABAJUNGA of the Bahimba of Bamugiri clan. My late grandpa Francisco Ruhindi was an uncle to Daudi Bangirana, Tayebwa's father. In fact, while in senior two at Kigarama Secondary School, my grandfather took me to Vincent Mukiga the then headmaster and told him, "Vincent is your son, make sure he studies and finishes at your school. I have given him to you". Vincent Mukiga and Daudi Bangirana are bilogical brothers. My late uncle Engineer Emmanuel Rwamacumu did business together with Kamugisha selling Matoke at Rweshama fishing village in Rukungiri District. Almost all the Matoke they sold was from my grandma Veronica Bakeine matoke plantation.
Since 2001 when we joined campus together to pursue the same programme, Tayebwa and I have almost been as close as conjoined twins. Tayebwa's friends are my friends and my friends are his friends. Tayebwa and I are from the same families both from Bitereko and from Kanyabwanga.
Now, this post was provoked by my brother Hon. Odonga Otto who posted on Tom's timeline that " careful, you have haters in Makerere". Many people thought, he was referring to me and I think it is prudent I clear myself. Hon Otto and I have been close since I joined campus as we were together in DP and later together as members of the Ekimezza. I just cannot comprehend (if he meant me) how he could imagine that I can hate anybody.
I was never programmed with hate. I hate the filthy, rotten and decrepit character of my brother Tayebwa just as I hate what Museveni, Kayihura and Mamdani among others do. But I love those people because they are creatures of God created in HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS. I have no time to hate people for even the time I have to love them is very limited.
I went to Bitereko over the weekend and prayed at St. Charles Lwanga Kigarama Catholic church. While there, after mass an announcement was made that all students who got first grade should go to Bitereko Sub-County Headquarters to receive mattresses donated by Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, their MP. I must say, at first I was impressed. I was seated next to aunt Teddy, Tayebwa's mum and I beamed with a smile. She can testify.
What disappointed me is when they said, "Please note that those qualified to receive mattresses are only those that studied from the constituency".
First of all, that is not how schools in the constituency should be promoted. Tayebwa as an MP (though illegitimate), should encourage his constituents to send children to topnotch schools including but not limited to schools such as St Mary's College Kisubi, Namilyango College, Namagunga, Gayaza, Immaculate Heart, Ntare School, among others. I heard people say because they must target gifts from politicians they will now have to only send their children to Kigarama, Kanyabwanga and Mahungye. Please, please, we studied from these schools not because they are the ones we loved most but because we had no alternative. When you discourage parents and students from studying outside the constituency, the other people will also not bring their children to the schools in your constituency.
Secondly, whoever advised Tayebwa to give students mattresses got it wrong. Students want textbooks and pamphlets not mattresses. In fact, I met young men and women who picked mattresses but were saying, they can never give you their votes when you stand because you are trying to patronise them.
As for me, I am starting a crusade of donating books to students in Bitereko, Kiyanga and Kanyabwanga. Let Tom use all the monies he gets from parliament to buy textbooks and pamphlets for our students. After all he said, he was not going to Parliament to look for money since he was already a billionaire.
The other advise to my brother Tayebwa, please concentrate on business. Otherwise, when you stand astride like you have done, you will be torn into two parts. Please, quit politics and concentrate on business, after all you are a self-professed and declared CAPITALIST. Capitalists are exploitative, selfish, greedy, individualistic and capitalism is the highest form of oppression. AS FOR US PEOPLE OF BITEREKO, KIYANGA AND KANYABWANGA, WE ARE SOCIALISTS and if you remember the resemblance model of representation, our people can best be represented by chief socialist, Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba.

THOMAS TAYEBWA HAS NO MANDATE TO BE IN PARLIAMENT, PERIOD! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Prof Enock Twinoburyo Nyorekwa, you did not understand me. I love my brother Tayebwa with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my mind. But I hate his rotten, filthy and decrepit capitalism. I also hate his NRM dirty tricks that he employed to ensure I did not appear on the ballot paper with him for he knew that he would not even garner 10% of the vote from Bitereko, Kanyabwanga and Kiyanga. On a lighter note, the late Fabiano Bifabusha not Bikafabusha is my grandfather and Tayebwa's grandfather who shared land with Bifabusha is Daniel Tiruhongyerwa.
I can assure you, nothing of what I do will be brought to naught. I was never programmed with hate. Just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would say, darkness cannot drive away darkness; it is light that drives away darkness. Thus, my light will drive out Tayebwa's darkness. Martin Luther King Jr. again said, hate cannot drive away hate, only love does. My love will surely drive away Tayebwa's hatred of me. If Tayebwa never hated me, he would not use that chief goon of all the goons JB Twekwasomwe to confuse me that he was my supporter working to ensure that I win the parliamentary race and ultimately lead to the blockage of my nomination. One could argue that almost all politicians would block their opponents. For the case of Tayebwa, it was never the case. He felt, I shouldn't have thought of vying for a parliamentary seat. That is why he inboxed my brother Moses Khisa telling him that many people approached him (Tayebwa) telling him to refund my nomination fees but he flatly refused.
So, he wanted me to feel the pain of losing 3million shillings. For your information, before nomination day, I had already spent not less than shillings 30 million and much more money was to come after nomination. When he blocked my nomination, no coin came my way. I was to have the vehicles, the posters, the Tee shirts, copies of my manifesto all following my nomination. And I was to show Tayebwa that he is not my match. He blocked me. The EC illegally refused to nominate me and I later gathered that it is Yoweri Museveni Kaguta who ordered the E.C not to nominate me. That is why the likes of Eric Sabiiti should come here and explain why I was not nominated even when I submitted to the commission fully commissioned nomination forms, with all the requisite signatures and receipts of payment of nomination fees.
During the NRM primaries, Tayebwa bragged that his opponent then my brother Patrick Musinguzi was not educated. But everyone knows that I am more and better read than Tom. WHAT ELSE WOULD HE SAY? I will not rest until Tayebwa is ejected from Parliament. What you people should do is to join the crusade of ejecting impostors such as Tayebwa from our August house. How does he account for the taxpayers' money that he illegally and illegitimately pockets each month? Tayebwa was not voted and he was never unopposed. He could not have been unopposed when they blocked me. Simple and clear.


Benedict Musaasizi, my very good brother that I fondly call Bens, all Catholic founded schools should promote social justice. Education is not a commodity but a human right. The Catholic church starts these schools to aid the promotion and enjoyment of the right to education.
Sadly, when the church becomes capitalistic and begins charging exorbitant fees, the church itself becomes a violator of the rights that it is otherwise supposed to defend and promote. And our biggest problem maybe has been leaving church matters to the bishops and high ranking priests that are very highly feared. These people are not democratic at all. On ordination they make priests take vows of submission to the bishops.
There are some priests who are more visionary and certainly more intelligent than the bishops but those priests more often than not are not given positions of responsibility. St. Josephs University has started well with a fellow Biterekoan Peter Kanyandago. I am hopeful it will be a university with a distinction that aids the Catholics to attain education at the cheapest cost.
I do not know why the church does not hire some of us as consultants to write proposals and establish education funds and bursaries to the needy. How does my nephew Arinaitwe from Kigarama for instance go to SMACK and get quality education from the leading Catholic church founded school without being hampered by the demand for millions of money. Ultimately, Catholic schools are no longer benefiting the poor Catholics but the decrepit capitalists who can afford to exploit the poor and get huge sums of money to educate their children at Namagunga, SMACK, Namilyango College, Namugongo SS, Trinity College Nabingo and so forth. I think even the church leaders must repent and promise to undo this injustice to the poor.
As I criticise my church leaders, I acknowledge that the church is one, the church is holy, the church is catholic and apostolic. Those who have quit the catholic church have practiced apostasy and syncretism. We should guide our leaders in the church. Maybe the priests can be subservient but for us the flock, we need to remind our shepherds that they are taking us to a direction where there is no grass. I remember one Sunday we were still praying and worshiping from AVEMAR in town. The late Fr. Betunguura said that front seats should always be reserved for ministers and MPs. I told him off frankly that what he was saying was antithetical to the gospel according to Saint James chapter 2 which condemns partiality and discrimination against the poor. Please, take time to read St. James' epistle chapter 2 and appreciate what I mean.
Finally, let us read the bible. I recommend that all Christians worth the name must read Sirach, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, Proverbs, James, Amos, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Job, and Daniel at least for the start. Even non-Christians should read these books. Otherwise how would you criticise out of ignorance. As I indict my mother church the Catholic church things are worse in other denominations. The so-called balokole have confined themselves to the prosperity gospel and miracles most of which are as a result of the handiwork of the devil.
I hope you know that Satan also has power to perform miracles. I swear the pentecostals are already burning in hell and they do not know. At least for us Catholics we have schools and hospitals whose (mis)management we challenge. If our leaders pay heed to our wise counsel, the Catholic church will pray a significant role much more significant than the state plays. Honestly, I have often said, the Catholic church is richer than the state. Why should our bishops receive pajeros from Museveni to have their conscience compromised and divorced. I will be glad if all our priests and bishops and nuns and brothers became loud against injustice like Gaetano Batanyenda does. He is almost a lone voice in the wilderness. Let us all be prophetic for we are called to be prophets.
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Jennifer Angeyo head of the legal unit at the Electoral Commission is a total disaster. I wonder why taxpayers should continue footing the bills to sustain people like Jennifer Angeyo in public offices, offices they clearly are not qualified for.
Just on Tuesday, I went to the Commission to demand my money Shillings 3 million with interest which I paid as nomination fees on 3rd December 2015 and they refused to nominate me. I had received four thousand dollars from my Italian partners from Turin Labour college who want me to write for them a report on the status of workers.
I had that money with me. Can you imagine, Jennifer ordered the police to drag me out of the commission premises like a chicken thief and in the process they took my wallet and the dollars stashed therein.
I do not know whether I am unlucky or what but whenever I have money, that is when I become actively engaged in political and human rights matters and each time they have arrested me, they have often taken my money. The only exception is in 2011 in the aftermath of elections when I gave all my money to JK Zirabamuzaale to keep for me. Otherwise, they would also have taken it. The other day at NBS, my bag containing a computer and 20 thousand US Dollars was grabbed from me. To date, all the efforts to recover my money have gone futile. Do I have a right to live in this country without deprivation of my property and my dignity?
Jennifer Angeyo who is a lawyer and a wife to Prof.Venansius Baryamureeba should explain. I swear that woman and all other lawyers at the EC are quack lawyers. When we were at the School of Law we would call them submarine lawyers.
Meanwhile I reported my case of denial of my rights to participate in politics to the Uganda Human Rights Commission which referred me to the Legal Aid Project of the Uganda Law Society. Good enough, I found my Old Boy, fellow Elephant Besigye Aaron. I furnished all the necessary evidence to Besigye to prove that my nomination forms were duly and fully filled with the ten required voters as nominators and that they were commissioned. I would like to see the Uganda Law Society call the Electoral Commission to order and explain as to why in total disregard of the law they refused to nominate me.
In the meantime, university students hailing from the three sub-counties of Bitereko, Kiyanga and Kanyabwanga that form a constituency onto which my brother Tayebwa imposed himself are writing a petition to the speaker of parliament demanding that Tayebwa be kicked out of parliament for he is nobody's representative. He only won the NRM primaries and he was neither unopposed nor voted in the general elections.
Taineomwangire John My brother Vicent, I strongly condem Injustice and any thing that looks like it and for that I support your cause. However you may have to be a little more strategic in your approach. For example why would you carry such loads of money on you when we have banks. When you tell your enemies that you are coming for them it means that you are asking them to prepare for you.
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba Taineomwangire John my brother, those of us who are fighting the dictatorship do not keep money in the bank. The Bank account I have is used to receive not to keep money thereon.
Taineomwangire John
Taineomwangire John My brother Vicent- You may then have to develop alternative safety mechanisms for your money. Get a locker safe in your house but not carrying huge sums of money around. You think a man like Besigye moves around with all the money that he has? Have never heard him complaining of any money stolen from him.
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba
Samuel Oola Olara
Samuel Oola Olara I support you my brother Vincent.The entire public service in Uganda is being managed by crooks who have inadequate knowledge about their various fields or docket.We should demand for imminent public service reform or even call for the entire overhaul of government.
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba Samuel Oola Olara, I am sure when you go to EALA you will be in position to condemn this kind of crookedness at a higher level.
Madern Juma Snr
Madern Juma Snr I wish to extend my heart felt sympathy to u my brother and pray that ur issues be solved as required.
Brian Mugume
Brian Mugume Next time hire me to keep your cash if u aint allowed to use Banks. On another thout, 98% of thiz story is.........😂😂😂
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba


There are some friends of mine who say the MP impostor Thomas Tayebwa is a smart guy. I contend, he is not only shabby but too shabby and too dirty and by the time it dawns on him to realise that he is too shabby and too dirty it will have already been too late. And I have seen people say that I should stop writing about him. What they are asking me to do is akin to asking our Lord Jesus Christ to stop fighting Satan.
Until Tayebwa is completely politically annihilated; until he hides himself from the public; until he apologises to me and to the entire country that is full of my friends that he is sorry for having used JB and having bribed the Electoral Commission to block my nomination for the "Ruhinda North" seat, I will continue punching him.
And those who are trying to gag me should forget about it. It is only death that can stop me from condemning Tayebwa's crookedness, shabbiness, dirtiness and intellectual, moral, mental and spiritual emptiness that he uses to attain the phantom glory in which he currently basks.
As a serious, concerned and above average Ugandan, I will write to parliament demanding that they should stop paying Tayebwa taxpayers' money for he is not a people's representative. People's representatives are either elected or unanimously supported like it happened with my brother Barnabas Tinkasiimire. Tayebwa did not go through unopposed. When I went to Bitereko, Africano Baryongo almost cried because they were short-changed.
As for me, Tom knows pretty well that I am a darling in Bitereko, Kanyabwanga and Kiyanga. I set a record of being the best student for the longest period of time. I set a record of being the most hardworking son of the soil by indulging in multiple trades. I sold fish. I brewed tonto and distilled and sold waragi. I was one of the leading keepers of pigs. I was a tailor at some point in time. I was a retail trader with a very promising business. What Tom is known for is having been a rascal and hooligan who would always attempt to burn down schools and beat up teachers.
While in Nganwa, Tayebwa was elected head prefect (of course wrongly), but you need to ask him what he did. He set a record of being the first head boy in that very good school in our place to be expelled. Those who studied with him intimated to me that he was a head prefect who at the same time would bully and molest students in senior one. I love Tayebwa because he is my brother but I am not proud of him.
Now, he also sits in the council of Makerere University and I hear as chairman finance and investment committee. Tayebwa has never given and will never give anything to our alma mater Makerere university. He only takes away from Makerere. He is a parasite. Tayebwa is as bad as Museveni if not worse. No wonder now he is a sworn lover of NRM more than those people he found there. I am also aware that Tayebwa is one of the people that never wanted Kahinda Otafiire to be appointed minister thinking that the post would go to him. Him and his insincere lovers would always be heard saying, "Tom should be appointed minister because he ran unopposed". I have you, Tayebwa.
Finally, I want to declare here publicly. Tayebwa called me exactly two weeks ago on Saturday 4th February and told me he will one day swing on my testicles. Akagamba ngu araza kunzerera aha magosi. Whatever he would be looking for from my private parts I do not know. I had ignored this threat but I think I should make it public so that in case anything happens to me, he is part of the people to be investigated.
Another thing he told me is that he will make sure he does not appear with me anywhere. He said, "Wanshanga ndi Kigarama aha kerezia, ndarugaho ngyende nze Rwakarungi" (meaning: "If you find me at Kigarama Catholic Church, I will walk away/drive away and go to Rwakarungi"). Does this mean I am not going to be allowed to attend any function where Tayebwa is either as a guest or a participant?
Definitely, the people of Bitereko know I am their goose that lays for them a golden egg. If the worst comes to the worst I will make it difficult if not impossible for him to move freely in Bitereko, Kanyabwanga and Kiyanga. My family stretches through all the three sob-counties with my and my father's home in Kanyabwanga, my and my mother's home in Bitereko and my brothers' home in Kiyanga. In what you people call Ruhinda North, I am as sturdy as a rock and Tom is a swamp.
Ndugu Nkrumah Paul Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba, the oppressor defines the nature of the struggle. If Tayebwa denied you a chance to be on the ballot paper, you are free to use any means available to you to hold him accountable. No one should play the moral card because the is...See more
Kiriggwajjo Richard
Kiriggwajjo Richard Brother I am just begging. Kindly stop. It is enough.
Jahson Max Tumwesigye
Jahson Max Tumwesigye go ahead if ur fighting for ur rights but dont violate others rights too
Atwine Gerry M Kajuga Jr.
Atwine Gerry M Kajuga Jr. Kandi Kanyabwere Nenki?, eeh, wi a u poking da leopaldz gundi!!! hehehe!! #coldwar!!
Edwin Mark
Edwin Mark I am an OB of Nganwa High School and actually was present during his reign as Head Prefect. I stand here to testify that your claims are false, baseless and only depict back to you as someone fighting a personal battle. Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba, you can...See more
Dun Birekyeraho
Dun Birekyeraho Amagosi garaza kugyenda buraaza
Samuel Baliraine
Samuel Baliraine Isn't it high time you revisited this one sided tirade? The man has completed ignored you. Move on Vincent, you are sounding petty.
Rose Kebirungi
Rose Kebirungi · 4 mutual friends
The man won't leave the MP seat soon. He is busy earning and you are busy writing. If someone wins using any trick, he remains a winner. Therefore wait for 2021 and stop concentrating too much on past
Mugume Martin
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba Rose Kebirungi, there is only one means of winning. You win democratically. If you are not elected you cannot claim you won. In fact, I am pulling him out of parliament and he must account for all the taxpayers' money he has been feasting on.
Rose Kebirungi
St. Muhereza Kyamutetera
St. Muhereza Kyamutetera Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba you are slowly running mad without realising it. Honestly. You just need to stop this obsession with Tayebwa Thomas
Ainomugisha Simon
Ainomugisha Simon Vincent, you are just tackling urban issues with rural swag.... If you feel aggrieved, go to court otherwise your using a wrong forum to address your trivial issues. Kwaheri.
Musinguzi Peter Kanyonyi
Musinguzi Peter Kanyonyi I first met Timothy in makobore high school, and Vincent at makerere university, but Timothy I know from makobore is different Timothy I know today,the guy has changed and maybe he's still changing to better.
My advise to u my good friend Vincent is to be on ground for the next election otherwise defiance on social media without grassroot mobilisation will not help u come 2021.
Bashasha Karitas Nuwagaba
Muhii Brian Bishop
Muhii Brian Bishop · 68 mutual friends
Bashasha Karitas Nuwagaba ngaha ndyowa Igara East. Okwe nowa munywani wangye Begumya Behaire
Kandi Yunisi
Kandi Yunisi · Friends with Ronald Muhinda and 127 others
This preoccupation and possession you carry towards Tayebwa Thomas,why not engage him face to face like men do....mukesotinga? Is social media the right platform or audience? Beyond portraying your self as a sick man, these continuous attacks are not d...See more
Ahimbisibwe Benjamin
David Rugambwa
David Rugambwa I think Vincent has made his point on why he has chosen this platform for his fights. Many of us have advised other options (which he is well aware of); but he has insisted on sticking to this forum...

I think nobody has the right to call declare him
...See more
Augustus Tubenawe
Micheal Kweyunga
Innocent Mwine
Innocent Mwine Vincent, please stop this. It leads us no where.
Augustus Tubenawe
Tibs John
Tibs John Surely Prof,U a promoting Tayebwa instead of killing him politically. A ltd no.of pipo in Ur North constituency access F/b.My bro.just use other means.Thx
Alex Matsiko
Alex Matsiko · Friends with Agaba Justus and 8 others
U clearly chose yr actions but u are most likely not to choose consequences following such unfortunate utterances!!!!!
Job Kiiza
Job Kiiza David thanks
Mucunguzi Tumu Innocent
Mucunguzi Tumu Innocent expellling a head prefect has ameang behind maybe was fightg for his people wc was opposed by administrators. vicent dats not the point z opposition and me i lk it coz without opposition there is no progress keep it up but wise ones are pickg.
Balunabba Wamala
Balunabba Wamala I find this interesting, what went wrong between you two guys? I remember how we were all part of the University politics and leadership in our years. Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba we were both strong activists for Democratic Party, and I remember voting Tayebwa Thomas to the University Electoral Commission! We need to sit and share part of our past, may be it help you solve the disagreements!
Nakiyi Julius Mugisu
Nakiyi Julius Mugisu Mr Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba and Tayebwa Thomas am very sure you can easily solve this. Politics is just about interests. U need just to identify a common denominator /point of convergency and move forward. Separate sin from the sinner. Make those who know u people proud
Ahimbisibwe Alex
Ahimbisibwe Alex Please Vincent be like aman who can understard b'se many adviced u to stop what ur talking on our HON TOM Please Stop it urs BLACK from kig'z Bitrko.
Amumpaire Oswald
Amumpaire Oswald SORRY..! IT IS ONLY MADNESS.....
Amumpaire Oswald
Nuwagira Medvedev Joshua
Nuwagira Medvedev Joshua makerere students suffered last year.....coz of incopetent people on acomettee......whenever u see someone liked by m7 he or she is either corrupt or stupid
Kagurutsi Stephen
Kagurutsi Stephen now let this page solve the problems of ruhinda north
Andrew Tukundane
Andrew Tukundane My friend,enough is enough,pipo have understood wy dont u leave d man alone,again never generalise him wz YK.
Waren Aijuka
Waren Aijuka Since he's silent plz leave him.
Turinawe Innocent
Turinawe Innocent now what we have discovered from yo talk is dat u a also a bad man even not bad but also dictator, u have told us dat he cald u en u neva went 2 him then this indicates dat if yo gvn dat post en yo cald 2 solve a certain wrangle u will not be ready. so...See more
Saul Kamukama
Saul Kamukama I know the two as brothers. The posts must be from a hacker only that Vincent has always been know for words. I don't know how soon we will swing in with actions to prove he is the one posting.
Saul Kamukama
Saul Kamukama Cakes are more delicate than bread
God'sfavourite Gal
Ahimbisibwe Benjamin
Ahimbisibwe Benjamin man people will take you to be bad because Tom is quite your are like made person how can you abuse 20 with out reply
Joshua Sewankambo
Joshua Sewankambo This free campaign space for my buddy Tayebwa Thomas is the eish just a year into office. Tom wamma let him lay the golden eggs we sit on them and hatch them properly
Byamukama Richard
Byamukama Richard The discussion in question does not fit a person who is moving forward
Service delivery is key than lamenting on the past
Stop poisoning your colleagues yet we know measurable indicators to be assessed about our mp in afew years to come and re-elect or disappoint him.
Rubagumya Gordet
Rubagumya Gordet where were u when he was bribing them and what did u do? nosence
Nuwagira Medvedev Joshua
Nuwagira Medvedev Joshua "we start to die the moment we become silent to things tht matter most in life" Martin Luther
Mucunguzi Kelly
Mucunguzi Kelly Tell us who pays you to post all that rubbish on social media
Mucunguzi Samson
Mucunguzi Samson I don't like offering advise to people who choose to abuse others instead of showing us alternative policies... What can U do best that Tom is not doing?? My brother, U r getting lost at abusing a friend whom U belong to the same generation instead of ...See more
Atujune Robert
Atujune Robert I pray for u not to fight aloosing battle just pray smart games not dirty one's
Kaawa Julius
Nazarius Tumusiime
Nazarius Tumusiime Hati Vincent kubarakwete omugwiraro oti banjuma!!! How can a sane person write what you have written up there? Vincent, please style up!!! watandika kunshwaza mwana
Naomi Lokolongo
Naomi Lokolongo · 17 mutual friends
I hv really laughed so hard.he will swing on your testicles or he is already swinging on them???
God'sfavourite Gal replied · 1 Reply