Saturday, February 25, 2017


Jennifer Angeyo head of the legal unit at the Electoral Commission is a total disaster. I wonder why taxpayers should continue footing the bills to sustain people like Jennifer Angeyo in public offices, offices they clearly are not qualified for.
Just on Tuesday, I went to the Commission to demand my money Shillings 3 million with interest which I paid as nomination fees on 3rd December 2015 and they refused to nominate me. I had received four thousand dollars from my Italian partners from Turin Labour college who want me to write for them a report on the status of workers.
I had that money with me. Can you imagine, Jennifer ordered the police to drag me out of the commission premises like a chicken thief and in the process they took my wallet and the dollars stashed therein.
I do not know whether I am unlucky or what but whenever I have money, that is when I become actively engaged in political and human rights matters and each time they have arrested me, they have often taken my money. The only exception is in 2011 in the aftermath of elections when I gave all my money to JK Zirabamuzaale to keep for me. Otherwise, they would also have taken it. The other day at NBS, my bag containing a computer and 20 thousand US Dollars was grabbed from me. To date, all the efforts to recover my money have gone futile. Do I have a right to live in this country without deprivation of my property and my dignity?
Jennifer Angeyo who is a lawyer and a wife to Prof.Venansius Baryamureeba should explain. I swear that woman and all other lawyers at the EC are quack lawyers. When we were at the School of Law we would call them submarine lawyers.
Meanwhile I reported my case of denial of my rights to participate in politics to the Uganda Human Rights Commission which referred me to the Legal Aid Project of the Uganda Law Society. Good enough, I found my Old Boy, fellow Elephant Besigye Aaron. I furnished all the necessary evidence to Besigye to prove that my nomination forms were duly and fully filled with the ten required voters as nominators and that they were commissioned. I would like to see the Uganda Law Society call the Electoral Commission to order and explain as to why in total disregard of the law they refused to nominate me.
In the meantime, university students hailing from the three sub-counties of Bitereko, Kiyanga and Kanyabwanga that form a constituency onto which my brother Tayebwa imposed himself are writing a petition to the speaker of parliament demanding that Tayebwa be kicked out of parliament for he is nobody's representative. He only won the NRM primaries and he was neither unopposed nor voted in the general elections.
Taineomwangire John My brother Vicent, I strongly condem Injustice and any thing that looks like it and for that I support your cause. However you may have to be a little more strategic in your approach. For example why would you carry such loads of money on you when we have banks. When you tell your enemies that you are coming for them it means that you are asking them to prepare for you.
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba Taineomwangire John my brother, those of us who are fighting the dictatorship do not keep money in the bank. The Bank account I have is used to receive not to keep money thereon.
Taineomwangire John
Taineomwangire John My brother Vicent- You may then have to develop alternative safety mechanisms for your money. Get a locker safe in your house but not carrying huge sums of money around. You think a man like Besigye moves around with all the money that he has? Have never heard him complaining of any money stolen from him.
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba
Samuel Oola Olara
Samuel Oola Olara I support you my brother Vincent.The entire public service in Uganda is being managed by crooks who have inadequate knowledge about their various fields or docket.We should demand for imminent public service reform or even call for the entire overhaul of government.
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba Samuel Oola Olara, I am sure when you go to EALA you will be in position to condemn this kind of crookedness at a higher level.
Madern Juma Snr
Madern Juma Snr I wish to extend my heart felt sympathy to u my brother and pray that ur issues be solved as required.
Brian Mugume
Brian Mugume Next time hire me to keep your cash if u aint allowed to use Banks. On another thout, 98% of thiz story is.........😂😂😂
Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba

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