Saturday, February 25, 2017

WITH ERIC SABIITI AND JENNIFER ANGEYO AT THE HELM OF THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION LEGAL DIVISION, UGANDA NEEDS FERVENT PRAYERS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now, my brother Eric Sabiiti (whom I initially thought was a friend until he came out publicly to savage me when I declared my intentions to stand against Thomas Tayebwa) needs to come and give an explicit explanation.
I have been told that Thomas Tayebwa bribed Badru Kiggundu and his team with sh 200 million. And that it is you Eric Sabiiti who struck the deal. You remember when you called Tom in your office and he told me on your phone that if the EC nominates me he would stand down for me?
By that time I was confident that I would get nominated for I thought the EC was law-abiding. What does section 16 of the Parliamentary Elections Act say? Eric Sabiiti, it is you that I am asking. You often brag that you are a well-informed lawyer.
Tell us please, was Badru Kiggundu bribed or you misled him? Remember it is you who called me and gave me the letter from Kiggundu alleging that :(1)I had arrived late, past the nomination hours and (2) that I never had the requisite 10 signatures to support my nomination.
When I wrote back asking you to adduce evidence to support your claims, I never received a reply. For argument's sake how would the commission know that I never had the requisite nomination signatures if they never received my forms since I had arrived late? Secondly, if they received my forms (which invalidates the claim that I arrived late) and they are sure they were not filled why can't they produce copies of those forms to back up their claims?
Eric Sabiiti and Jennifer Angeyo, be informed that I now demand to be nominated. I no longer need a refund of my nomination fees.
Jennifer using the police commanded by SSP Besigye caused the deprivation of my USD 4000 by the police. This is not the first time I am deprived of my property at the Commission. In January last year, my phone was shattered by the police and I lost it. They detained me at Jinja Road Police station and later dumped me into a psychiatric hospital to subject me to pharmacological torture. Now, Eric Sabiiti, you and your boss Jennifer must answer for your sins. It seems clear to me that while at campus you were submarine students, a reason as to why you are now submarine lawyers. I call upon comrade Gimara Francis to pay attention to this gross criminality orchestrated by lawyers. I will also formally complain to the law council so that you are de-registered from the list of practicing Advocates. My brother Eric Sabiiti, with you and Jennifer Angeyo at the helm of the legal department at the Electoral Commission, Uganda needs fervent prayers.

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