Saturday, February 25, 2017

THOMAS TAYEBWA HAS NO MANDATE TO BE IN PARLIAMENT, PERIOD! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Prof Enock Twinoburyo Nyorekwa, you did not understand me. I love my brother Tayebwa with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my mind. But I hate his rotten, filthy and decrepit capitalism. I also hate his NRM dirty tricks that he employed to ensure I did not appear on the ballot paper with him for he knew that he would not even garner 10% of the vote from Bitereko, Kanyabwanga and Kiyanga. On a lighter note, the late Fabiano Bifabusha not Bikafabusha is my grandfather and Tayebwa's grandfather who shared land with Bifabusha is Daniel Tiruhongyerwa.
I can assure you, nothing of what I do will be brought to naught. I was never programmed with hate. Just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would say, darkness cannot drive away darkness; it is light that drives away darkness. Thus, my light will drive out Tayebwa's darkness. Martin Luther King Jr. again said, hate cannot drive away hate, only love does. My love will surely drive away Tayebwa's hatred of me. If Tayebwa never hated me, he would not use that chief goon of all the goons JB Twekwasomwe to confuse me that he was my supporter working to ensure that I win the parliamentary race and ultimately lead to the blockage of my nomination. One could argue that almost all politicians would block their opponents. For the case of Tayebwa, it was never the case. He felt, I shouldn't have thought of vying for a parliamentary seat. That is why he inboxed my brother Moses Khisa telling him that many people approached him (Tayebwa) telling him to refund my nomination fees but he flatly refused.
So, he wanted me to feel the pain of losing 3million shillings. For your information, before nomination day, I had already spent not less than shillings 30 million and much more money was to come after nomination. When he blocked my nomination, no coin came my way. I was to have the vehicles, the posters, the Tee shirts, copies of my manifesto all following my nomination. And I was to show Tayebwa that he is not my match. He blocked me. The EC illegally refused to nominate me and I later gathered that it is Yoweri Museveni Kaguta who ordered the E.C not to nominate me. That is why the likes of Eric Sabiiti should come here and explain why I was not nominated even when I submitted to the commission fully commissioned nomination forms, with all the requisite signatures and receipts of payment of nomination fees.
During the NRM primaries, Tayebwa bragged that his opponent then my brother Patrick Musinguzi was not educated. But everyone knows that I am more and better read than Tom. WHAT ELSE WOULD HE SAY? I will not rest until Tayebwa is ejected from Parliament. What you people should do is to join the crusade of ejecting impostors such as Tayebwa from our August house. How does he account for the taxpayers' money that he illegally and illegitimately pockets each month? Tayebwa was not voted and he was never unopposed. He could not have been unopposed when they blocked me. Simple and clear.

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