Saturday, February 25, 2017


I have painfully come to learn that the meager land that we have, your so-called MP is telling you to use it to plant tea. Please be extra careful. Tom is a capitalist and he is now telling you to support his business.
Wherever tea grows, matoke also grows there. The market for matoke is assured all the time. Note that Matoke can be processed into flour and preserved.
Wherever tea grows, sorghum, millet or maize also can grow there. I am now aware that because of this tea craze some of you no longer have where to grow beans. We cannot eat tea leaves when famine strikes.
But Tom has a contract to supply tea seedlings to the people and he is minting millions of shillings. It is this money that he wants to use to bribe the likes of JB Twekwasomwe to play underhand tricks to block opponents like me Vincent Vessy Nuwagaba.
Our people are wise. They had started planting sugar cane. Remember, those who studied economics know that supply creates demand. At least if I am thirsty or hungry and go to a sugarcane garden, I will quench my thirst and overcome the hunger. Not even goats like tea leaves. What if there is no more market for tea, what will you people who refused to plant matoke, beans, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, etc ?do
In fact anybody who encourages our people to plant tea as opposed to other crops is no leader at all. But I told you early enough. Thomas Tayebwa is a typical capitalist. He can be defined by individualism and exploitation. Tom's other names are exploitation, individualism and selfishness. You may need to ask yourselves. Tom brags that he is super rich and that he has a string of businesses. I want to ask: How many of his business partners are from Bitereko, Kanyabwanga and Kiyanga? I have studied Tom properly since 1996 when he was expelled from Makobore and found us at Kigarama SS, I must assure you, I know the man inside out. He is incorrigible.

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