Saturday, February 25, 2017


Benedict Musaasizi, my very good brother that I fondly call Bens, all Catholic founded schools should promote social justice. Education is not a commodity but a human right. The Catholic church starts these schools to aid the promotion and enjoyment of the right to education.
Sadly, when the church becomes capitalistic and begins charging exorbitant fees, the church itself becomes a violator of the rights that it is otherwise supposed to defend and promote. And our biggest problem maybe has been leaving church matters to the bishops and high ranking priests that are very highly feared. These people are not democratic at all. On ordination they make priests take vows of submission to the bishops.
There are some priests who are more visionary and certainly more intelligent than the bishops but those priests more often than not are not given positions of responsibility. St. Josephs University has started well with a fellow Biterekoan Peter Kanyandago. I am hopeful it will be a university with a distinction that aids the Catholics to attain education at the cheapest cost.
I do not know why the church does not hire some of us as consultants to write proposals and establish education funds and bursaries to the needy. How does my nephew Arinaitwe from Kigarama for instance go to SMACK and get quality education from the leading Catholic church founded school without being hampered by the demand for millions of money. Ultimately, Catholic schools are no longer benefiting the poor Catholics but the decrepit capitalists who can afford to exploit the poor and get huge sums of money to educate their children at Namagunga, SMACK, Namilyango College, Namugongo SS, Trinity College Nabingo and so forth. I think even the church leaders must repent and promise to undo this injustice to the poor.
As I criticise my church leaders, I acknowledge that the church is one, the church is holy, the church is catholic and apostolic. Those who have quit the catholic church have practiced apostasy and syncretism. We should guide our leaders in the church. Maybe the priests can be subservient but for us the flock, we need to remind our shepherds that they are taking us to a direction where there is no grass. I remember one Sunday we were still praying and worshiping from AVEMAR in town. The late Fr. Betunguura said that front seats should always be reserved for ministers and MPs. I told him off frankly that what he was saying was antithetical to the gospel according to Saint James chapter 2 which condemns partiality and discrimination against the poor. Please, take time to read St. James' epistle chapter 2 and appreciate what I mean.
Finally, let us read the bible. I recommend that all Christians worth the name must read Sirach, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, Proverbs, James, Amos, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Job, and Daniel at least for the start. Even non-Christians should read these books. Otherwise how would you criticise out of ignorance. As I indict my mother church the Catholic church things are worse in other denominations. The so-called balokole have confined themselves to the prosperity gospel and miracles most of which are as a result of the handiwork of the devil.
I hope you know that Satan also has power to perform miracles. I swear the pentecostals are already burning in hell and they do not know. At least for us Catholics we have schools and hospitals whose (mis)management we challenge. If our leaders pay heed to our wise counsel, the Catholic church will pray a significant role much more significant than the state plays. Honestly, I have often said, the Catholic church is richer than the state. Why should our bishops receive pajeros from Museveni to have their conscience compromised and divorced. I will be glad if all our priests and bishops and nuns and brothers became loud against injustice like Gaetano Batanyenda does. He is almost a lone voice in the wilderness. Let us all be prophetic for we are called to be prophets.
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